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Our vision is a resilient Australia, prospering in a zero-carbon global economy, participating fully and fairly in international climate change solutions.


The Climate Institute is dedicated to the development of public and corporate policy solutions for addressing issues associated with climate change and energy transformation.

For more than a decade, our research and other work has highlighted the risks that come with escalating climate change as well as the economic, social and environmental opportunities that can come from taking early action.

The Climate Institute strives to represent a voice of reason – by putting an economic cost and a human face to the impacts of climate change, we have helped reframe the debate to become a question of risk management, not just one of faith in scientific opinions.

Each year, we undertake a number of projects which target the specific areas we believe will have the greatest impact in driving change. See our 2016-17 Strategic Focus.

All the work we do is guided by three strategic priorities:
1. Economic transformation
2. International accountability
3. Societal leadership

And we are committed to assessing our impact. In striving to deliver the best work we can, we are committed to continuous improvement, which therefore means ongoing assessment of the impacts we are achieving.

This approach enables us to provide a foundation of considered advocacy and policy research for Australia. Our policy-makers, governments, businesses and communities can use it to help build effective approaches to: playing our part in the global mitigation of the effects of climate change; navigating energy transformation and; smoothly fulfilling our obligations under the UN Climate Agreement, forged in Paris in December 2015.

In talking to a new competitiveness, a smarter prosperity and greater resilience, we aim to give courage to our leaders to close the gap between intent and action, thereby ensuring we grasp the low-carbon opportunities available to us.


Making a strong economic case for climate action is a key focus of our work.
Australia has a critical role to play in building a net zero emissions global economy.
We seek to maximise our national opportunities, while also building more ambitious global action.
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