The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds Exhibition

Drawing on over seven years of work from critically acclaimed photographer – and Creative Fellow of The Climate Institute - Michael Hall, this exhibition explores the themes at the heart of climate change, where tensions of growth and progress, competing land uses and consumption meet stories of human ingenuity and innovation, or resilience against all odds.

It shows us that climate change is ultimately a human story; one where we all play an important part, contributing to the cause or the cure.

The Story Of Our Planet Unfolds was on at Sydney Customs House between 31 July and 5 September 2014, which over the course of the exhibition had over 85,000 visitors. The Climate Institute is currently seeking new partners and exhibition venues to bring the body of work to new audiences in Australia. Please get in touch with any suggestions or exhibition opportunities.

You can download the full exhibition reference document detailing the available photographic prints, materials, signage and installations here.


Creative Fellowship

In 2012, The Climate Institute launched its inaugural Creative Fellowship with photographer Michael Hall. Through the fellowship, Michael has documented the impact of bushfires on peoples’ livelihoods in Tasmania, the impact of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, issues of food security in Bangladesh, as well as the increasingly important role renewable energy is playing in China’s development.

Michael’s photographic work alongside our research has proven a powerful pair: translating complex policy issues into tangible ideas and putting a human face to the issues surrounding climate change.

We are grateful for the support of Sylvia Frassoni & Michael Kantor, the Nelson Meers Foundation and Dara Fund Number 2 (a sub-fund of the Australian Communities Foundation) who have made the Institute's Creative Fellowship possible.


Below is a preview of the some of the images from the exhibition. 



  • Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland
    Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland
  • Lake Hume, Australia
    Lake Hume, Australia
  • Victoria, Australia
    Victoria, Australia
  • Jökulsárlón, Iceland
    Jökulsárlón, Iceland
  • Wind turbines in Southern California
    Wind turbines in Southern California
  • Oil wells in California
    Oil wells in California
  • Coal-fired power station, Australia
    Coal-fired power station, Australia
  • Farm in Hubei province, China
    Farm in Hubei province, China
  • Tacloban, Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan
    Tacloban, Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan
  • Salt factory worker in Chittagong, Bangladesh
    Salt factory worker in Chittagong, Bangladesh
  • 2013 Tasmanian Bushfires
    2013 Tasmanian Bushfires
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