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Research is at the core to all of our work. Evidence and a cross-sectoral national and global perspective and an ability to engage on critical issues in international, economic, political and social realms distinguishes our work and ensures it remains balanced and effective.   

A library of all of our publications - from policy and media briefs to meatier reports and submissions - can be found here.

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Outlining the latest effort by, and challenges for, the world’s largest emitter to cut carbon pollution.
Guide to assess Australia's post-2020 target announcement against three key benchmarks.
Australia has catching up to do and global capital moving.
Research Brief examining what can be expected from the Bonn Climate Change Conference.
State governments step up, while Japan puts low carbon future at risk.
The Climate Institute expresses its views to the Prime Minister's task group.
The US lays its cards on the table.
Discussion paper outlining why states should have a decarbonisation strategy.
Outline of why progression should be measured by both absolute and the rate of emission reductions.
Submission on Australia’s international undertakings under the UNFCCC and implications for future targets.
Outline of latest developments and comparison of country targets.
This Research Brief outlines what the 2015 Intergenerational Report should say about climate change.
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