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Research is at the core to all of our work. Evidence and a cross-sectoral national and global perspective and an ability to engage on critical issues in international, economic, political and social realms distinguishes our work and ensures it remains balanced and effective.   

A library of all of our publications - from policy and media briefs to meatier reports and submissions - can be found here.

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The Climate Institute's submission to the Senate inquiry on retirement of coal fired power stations.
Report examining what can be expected from the Marrakesh UNFCCC negotiations.
Brief examines the impacts on Australia of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C and 2°C.
Climate Analytics examines the implications of the 1.5°C limit for climate policy.
Update on post-Paris momentum with focus on North America, Asia and the UK following the Brexit vote.
Factsheet detailing the findings from a poll on climate change issues, conducted in June 2016, ahead of the 2016 election.
The Climate Institute's assessment of major parties' policies, ahead of the 2016 Federal election.
Explores climate change, Australian housing and the financial sector.
There goes the neighbourhood
Factsheet explores the results of AODP's 2015-16 Global Climate 500 Index.
Update explores the next steps in implementing the Paris Agreement and what Australia needs to do.
The policy tools we need to gradually clean up Australia's electricity system.
The Climate Institute welcomes this opportunity to comment on carbon risk disclosure.
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