A National Agenda for Climate Action

Aug 24, 2016 - 12:01am

The Climate Institute's National Agenda for Climate Action outlines the things Australian policy makers need to do if we are to look after communities, workers and our competitiveness in this inevitable shift to a clean energy economy. It will require genuine, overdue, integration of climate, energy and other policies. It will also require much improved responses to the climate impacts that are hitting us right now – so that we can manage the growing cost burdens on individuals, farmers and communities, as well as our natural and built environment assets like the Great Barrier Reef and our coastal homes.

There are three key steps:
+ set a credible pathway to net zero emissions;
+ ensure investor, business and community confidence in clean energy, and;
+ integrate climate costs and opportunities into mainstream decision-making.

This National Agenda for Climate Action is not easy. But it is necessary. It is necessary if we are to become a resilient, innovative, safer Australia, prospering in a zero carbon global economy – fully and fairly participating in international climate solutions.

Click below to download the National Agenda. To access all the other related content visit the National Agenda project page click here.

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