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Some of our reports are released with other content, ranging from factsheets, videos, podcasts, graphics or additional background information. These more comprehensive works, as well as initiatives such as our work with the Asset Owners Disclosure Project and our Creative Fellowship, can be found here. 

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Find policy briefs, news and views, and other content related to COP22 in Marrakesh.
A benchmark of Australian attitudes to climate change, related policies and solutions.
The initiatives & policy proposals that fall under the three dimensions of our National Agenda for Climate Action.
Report explores the extent to which climate change is impacting coffee production globally.
Analysis, updates and other information tracking global climate action.
All of our election content, including our Climate Policy Credibility Assessment, polling and infographics.
The AODP aims to protect people's retirement savings from the risks posed by climate change.
The policy tools we need to steadily clean up Australia's electricity system.
Click here to see resources including speeches and videos from Australia's first Divest Invest conference.
Analysis, live updates and other information ahead of and during the Paris COP.
A benchmark of Australian attitudes to climate change, related policies and solutions.
Unprecedented alliance of business, environment, union, social and research groups.
Analysis of the vulnerability of sport against the growing physical impacts of climate change.
large size sport cover
Find policy briefs, video blogs and other content related to COP20 in Lima, 2014.
Find infographics, media releases and analysis on Australia's Renewable Energy Target.
RET Review
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