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We have bold and ambitious goals. But we have a track record of getting difficult things done. The reputation and authority we have today are based on this track record.

Our work continues to create impact in three key vital areas:

International accountability

We provide information, research and analysis and make sure it gets to decision-makers and opinion leaders. This has informed political discussion, kept the issues on the front pages of the newspapers, in boardrooms, and kept government and business accountable.

We’ve kept the issues visible; we’ve kept the subject high on the agenda across all sides of politics.

Economic transformation

To reduce emissions while growing prosperity demands a transformation of Australia’s economy.

To make that change possible, we work to ensure the right policy frameworks are established, that key sectors of the economy are heading down the transformation path and that the institutional capital required to path, and in the clean and modern economy is in place.

There have been challenges at the national level, but momentum for significant change is gathering.

Societal leadership

We collaborate with all of corners of Australian society, from faith groups, business, investors and unions. We keep our finger on the pulse – from this we know where to focus and where we can be most effective.

From public health and bush fires to home insurance and superannuation, climate change affects nearly every dimension of our lives daily. We provide ways to manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable.

2016-17 Strategic Focus

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