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If you look through the library of Reports and Projects, you'll notice that we've always partnered with others. We believe that working together for collective impact leads to more lasting change.

Some examples of joint work includes:

  • Major reports or projects, such as comprehensive research into public attitudes to climate change, reviews of global climate action and building resilience for climate impacts. 
  • Fellowship programs. In 2013/14 we partnered with different funders for two fellowships, one in the creative space and another exploring bio-energy and CCS and other zero emission pathways. The creative fellowship with photographer Michael Hall culminated in a public exhibition that saw some 200,000 view Michael's work and learn about the impacts and solutions of climate change through a series of events.
  • Government grants have enabled us to deliver comprehensive, multi-year projects such as the Cost of Living with business, consumer groups, and scientific bodies like CSIRO. This included a report, an interactive online communications tool, and a year of on the ground community engagement.

There are many more. For further information, please see our most recent Annual Review, or our Alliances + Networks page.  

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