Tracking Global Climate Action

After the Paris climate talks, countries need to, and are continuing to, build and strengthen their domestic policies to limit pollution. In Paris countries agreed to work towards the common objectives of limiting warming to 1.5-2°C and achieving net zero emissions.

While a global agreement on climate change boosts the transition to a net zero carbon economy and helps countries work more collaboratively, ultimately it will be effective domestic policies that will keep global warming to 1.5-2°C. 

We will continually update this page with content that relates to tracking global climate action.

Global Climate Action Map Interactive Tool
Struggling to keep track of what various countries are doing on climate change? Try our interactive map highlighting countries’ actions.
Why 2°C matters?
Explainer on why avoiding 2°C of global warming matters for Australians.
Read Report
August: Update on post-Paris momentum with focus on North America, Asia and the UK following the Brexit vote.
Factsheet which compares Australian government and ALP 2030 targets with other countries.
Policy Brief explores the Emissions Reduction Fund in Australia’s climate policy framework.

International Negotiations

International climate change negotiations are inherently complex, incorporating environmental, economic, security, trade and energy issues. The Climate Institute has tracked the annual UN climate talks extensively since 2009.

Click on the logos below for access to project pages for previous climate summits.


For regular updates of global climate action see our interactive Global Climate Action Map to keep up to date on what countries are doing, across numerous climate and clean energy policy areas.

Other useful factsheets on international developments: 

A Focus on Australia  

Useful factsheets, research briefs, media releases and other materials outlining the key issues for Australia: 

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