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Most organisations focus on putting an economic cost and impact on the challenges of climate change. We do this, but also work to put a human face to the issue. Interactive tools, videos, podcasts, images and other multimedia elements are an important way of telling the story.


What's so important is brings us all together?
Australia’s projected pollution ballooning to and beyond 2020.
Floods are among climate impacts affecting sporting grounds in Australia.
Examining the impact of heatwaves, flood, drought and other extreme weather on Aussie sport.
Climate change is having a significant impact on Australian winter sports.
Who's acting on climate change? Explore our interactive map to track and compare country actions.
Should we support the polluting energy of the past or clean energy of the future?
Should we support the polluting energy of the past or clean energy of the future?
John Hewson, speaking at the 2014 Festival of Dangerous Ideas.
Big power companies get $8 billion in profit. We get 150 million tonnes of pollution.
AGL stands to gain at least $1 billion from reducing the target. And we get more carbon pollution.
$8 billion of investment and enough renewable energy to power every household in Australia.
While the big power companies stand to gain $8 billion in profit, we get 150 million tonnes of pollution.
Download a SlideShare presentation on the latest public opinion polling.
We asked people “What proportion of our energy should we get from renewable sources by 2020?”
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