Economic transformation

Making a strong economic case for climate action is a key focus of our work.

After all, our economy must transform if we are to make a net zero emissions Australia a reality. And therefore we work studiously to influence the national agenda on climate change action.

With our work, we aim to ensure the right policy frameworks are established, that key sectors of the economy are accelerating down the transformation path and that the institutional capital required to invest in a net zero emissions economy is in place.

There are three strategic elements that inform the work we undertake toward facilitating this economic transformation:|

Domestic policy and action 

Without strong and robust domestic climate change and energy policy, Australia is at high risk of remaining a high carbon political economy in a rapidly de-carbonizing world.

A high carbon economy is becoming less and less competitive as we see the world rapidly transitioning to clean energy – a transition that is taking place now for reasons of competitive advantage that lie beyond the basic motivation of mitigating the effects of climate change.

We continue to work hard to ensure Australia has access the best expert advice on policy and action that reflects contemporary economic, scientific and technological realities. Our motivation is for Australian governments, businesses and communities to be in a position to make the best decisions to deliver a clean, sustainable, economically strong future.


In many ways, the investment chain is a hidden solution to climate change and a key.

For example, if we could shift just 5 per cent of the more than US$52 trillion held by global pension funds into low carbon investments, we could likely trigger a tipping point in the fight against climate change.

Since 2008, through our policy research, and initiatives such as our international Divest/Invest Conference, we have been working to accelerate the investment world’s role in climate action.


Just as organisations and individuals at all levels must play a role in reducing carbon pollution, building Australia’s resilience to the impacts of climate change also demands collaborative efforts across all levels of government and areas of the economy.

We need to avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable. To minimise increasing exposure to costs and risks, we need to manage for a future where the impacts of climate change will be vastly more intense than they are today.

Resilience has therefore become a significant consideration in the work we do. Whether it is in the housing and development sector, the financial system or infrastructure, addressing resilience in the face of climate change is a major focus when we consider economic transformation.

Australia has a critical role to play in building a net zero emissions global economy.
We seek to maximise our national opportunities, while also building more ambitious global action.
Our strategic priorities: economic transformation, international accountability and societal leadership.
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