More than a decade ago when The Climate Institute started up we had the near impossible task of convincing the Howard Government to commit to a price on carbon, and in 2007 that’s exactly what Prime Minister Howard announced. We’ve played important roles in key steps forward, despite setbacks, ever since – like when the Independents prioritised climate action with Prime Minister Gillard and in saving key institutions like the Climate Change Authority.

We’re about to get another chance for that kind of step change; one that seems like a long shot until the day it happens. In just over a month the government will start a long awaited review of its climate policies, including its post-2030 emissions reduction targets.

This is our chance to choose a different future.

But our budget is tight and we can’t get this done without your help. Maybe you can afford $5, maybe it’s $50 or even $500+. Whatever it is, you have my rock solid promise that it’s an investment you won’t regret because every cent you give will go toward making this review count.

The Climate Institute has a plan for a more credible emissions reduction pathway to net zero emissions before 2050; for an inclusive strategy to replace coal fired power with clean energy and; to better integrate the costs and opportunities of the climate challenge in key decision making. We also have a strategy, and the knowledge and networks, to deliver that plan, to keep the pressure on where and when decisions are made.

The Climate Institute’s role has never been about mass protest, we leave that important task to others, instead, we have always brought the evidence and the unlikely suspects to the political table – big businesses, faith groups, farmers, insurance and superannuation companies, because sometimes it’s these voices which are heard above the fray.

This time, we can't do it without your help.

Can you contribute and give us the best chance of making sure this review delivers real outcomes? I don’t want to miss this chance, and I know from experience, that sometimes, even when change seems the least likely, it just takes the right amount of pressure in the right places to make the difference.

There is a different future for the taking. The international Paris Agreement for net zero emissions coming into force, clean technology costs plunging and investors as well as state governments becoming more active give hope. But we need to choose a different future, now.

I look forward to working with you in this task and to your support,

John Connor
CEO – The Climate Institute

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