Collective Impact Work Case Studies

Addressing climate change requires an all-of-society approach, while is why we work through alliances and collaborations. Here are three case studies of collective impact that we're particularly proud of. 

Climate Roundtable

In June 2015, an unprecedented alliance of major Australian business, union, research, environment and social groups - including The Climate Institute - launched a collective impact initiative outlining their views on what sound climate policy for Australia looks like.  

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Climate impacts on key infrastructure - exposing the interdependencies  

The interdependencies of key infrastructure sectors - energy systems, finance, commercial properties, transport, etc - was a known concern among climate practitioners, yet it was largely ignored by governments, response agencies and business. The Climate Institute and various corporate and academic partners worked together to change this.

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Collaborative energy analysis that led to carbon pricing  

In 2010,  policy uncertainty around climate change was proving to be a dead-weight on the economy. The Climate Institute and Australia's largest energy company, AGL, enlisted the rest of the Institute's corporate partners to deliver analysis that began the conversation around what eventually became Australia's carbon price mechanism. 

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