Boosting Australia's Energy Productivity


Jun 24, 2013 - 9:00am

Australia’s poor investment in energy efficiency is costing the nation tens of billions of dollars in economic growth.

First-of-its-kind research conducted by Vivid Economics, and commissioned in partnership with GE, found if Australia improved its energy efficiency by just an extra one per cent each year it would generate an additional $8 billion in GDP by 2020 and $26 billion by 2030. It reaffirms that improvements in energy efficiency and economic growth are not mutually exclusive, and that strategic policies can deliver improvements in Australia’s productivity, as well as cut energy bills and carbon pollution.

This page contains the full report, as well as factsheets and a powerpoint presentation detailing the report findings. 

To access the media release click here.

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John Connor & Olivia Kember share their thoughts on the key findings.
What energy efficiency opportunities exist for the mining, oil and gas industries?
What energy efficiency opportunities exist for the transport industry?
What energy efficiency opportunities exist for the manufacturing industry?
What energy efficiency opportunities exist for commercial buildings and in construction?
View or download a summary of the Boosting Australia's Energy Productivity report on SlideShare.

Energy efficiency is the hidden fuel that increases energy security and mitigates climate change.

International Energy Agency


Background Research


Energy Efficiency and Economic Growth - Vivid Economics -Research (PDF, 250KB)

Methodology to estimate the effect of energy efficiency on growth - Vivid Economics (PDF, 300KB)



This project was conducted with support from GE. 


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