WWF & TCI respond to 'A Clean Energy Future for Power Stations' Discussion Paper Submission

Jan 04, 2011 - 1:00pm

WWF and The Climate Institute (TCI) welcome the opportunity to respond to the Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism’s Interdepartmental Discussion Paper: A CLEANER FUTURE FOR POWER STATIONS. 

Our organisations recognise that the measures proposed in the Discussion Paper may be intended to contribute to achieving the Australian Government’s target emission cuts of 60% on 2000 levels by 2050, and the Government’s commitment to participating in the global effort to avoid 2oC warming as set out in the Copenhagen Accord and in decisions agreed at the recent UN Cancun Summit.

Several recommendations made within the submission will help to more properly align the mechanisms proposed in the Discussion Paper with the Australian Government’s stated emission goals. These are designed to complement a limit and price on pollution, but also to operate in the absence of a mature price on pollution in the interim, thereby minimising perverse market dynamics or asset stranding.

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