Senate Inquiry into the Governments Direct Action Plan Submission

Dec 19, 2013 - 10:00am

The Climate Institute welcomed the opportunity to submit its views to the Senate inquiry into the Government's Direct Action Plan.

Overall, the Government’s climate change policy, as it is currently outlined or can be reasonably foreseen, is unlikely to position Australia to support our national climate interest of avoiding a 2°C increase in global temperature. If other countries followed the same route as the Government’s policy, The Climate Institute’s estimates indicate that the world would be on track to warming of 4.5–6.5oC by 2100.

Based on both qualitative and quantitative analysis, The Climate Institute has concluded the core challenges confronting the Coalition are that the current proposed policy framework:

  • Increases emissions and lacks scalability
  • Does not make emitters responsible for their pollution, effectively subsidising high carbon activities
  • Risks undermining Australia’s recent positive climate diplomacy, undermining global action
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