Emission Reduction Fund Terms of Reference Submission

Nov 21, 2013 - 10:01am

In framing our response to the Emission Reduction Fund's Terms of Reference, The Climate Institute has considered its long-term emission reduction benchmarks developed in 2006. A credible domestic emission reduction strategy includes a legislated emission limit, a national price on carbon pollution, legislation to ensure all new electricity generation capacity is from zero or low emissions technologies, energy efficiency strategy to lift Australia to world class standards and a policy that allows the nation lead efforts in the international community to deliver a global plan that avoids dangerous climate change.


This submission is structured in two parts:

  • Overall comments and objectives. This section addresses the key overriding issues raised by the Terms of Reference. It includes, for example, the role the Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) plays in meeting Australia’s carbon budgets and international obligations.
  • Reponses to the specific issues that the Terms of Reference has raised. This section addresses the specific question raised by the Terms of Reference with a focus on abatement options, governance arrangements and the mechanism applied to emissions above business as usual.
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