Climate Change Authority's Targets and Progress Review Submission

Nov 29, 2013 - 5:00pm

The Climate Institute (TCI) congratulates the Climate Change Authority (CCA) on its draft report, Reducing Australia’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Targets and Progress Review.

Australia’s discussion of climate change has a track record of highly politicised approaches to climate policy. This has resulted in significant business and community uncertainty leading to higher costs associated with investments, and emissions reductions that fall well short of the potential. The work of the Climate Change Authority (CCA) provides an important cornerstone for ongoing policy formulation. 

The CCA’s final report will be crucial as the national and international debate evolves to focus not only on how Australia steps up its pre-2020 emission reduction ambitions but increasingly on our post-2020 emission reduction contributions. The CCA’s report is crucial in building the understanding that Australia’s emission reduction efforts do not end in 2020, but begin an increasingly urgent decarbonisation pathway over the coming decades.

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