If Sustainability is a Four Letter Word Speech

Mar 06, 2013 - 4:00pm

John Connor was asked to participate in a panel “Is Sustainability a four letter word?” for the Green Cities 2013 Challenge Conference – he thought of many four letter words and one of them was poem, here it is...

If Sustainability is a Four Letter Word – it can be Poem

           If sustainability is a four letter word

It mustn’t be cant or faff or spin

            It should be bold

                        It can’t be thin

We need lives that focus on the good and just

            But that don’t pretend we can be just good

For risk and lust, well they are a must

But too much of each, or both
                                                  -    we bust!

Like freedom and equality

It’s a word best not left alone in the dark

For others there lurk, keen to make their mark

This has made action too slow and we are pushing our luck

                                 While many around us, don’t give a …..suck??!

           Now time is a tick-ing

                                 and for us it could stop

           While many are still look-ing

                                  for bling at the shop

But the word is not as important as the deed

            So it’s time for all of us to lead

And while it is vital we don’t get too dour

The word must a wake

            As now is the hour

For ever

                and ever

                                and ever


John Connor

John Connor was CEO of The Climate Institute from 2007 to March 2017. Whilst qualified as a lawyer, John has spent over twenty years working in a variety of policy and advocacy roles with organisations including World Vision, Make Poverty History, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the NSW Nature Conservation Council. Since joining The Climate Institute in 2007 John has been a leading analyst and commentator on the rollercoaster that has been Australia’s domestic and international carbon policy and overseen the Institute’s additional focus on institutional investors and climate risk. John has also worked on numerous government and business advisory panels.

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