The Carbon Laws Two Years On Policy Brief

Jul 01, 2014 - 8:00am

1 July, 2014 marks the second anniversary of the carbon laws – the Clean Energy Act and other laws that price and reduce pollution, invest in renewable energy and support households and business in the shift to a cleaner economy.

The laws are working and have delivered impressive results in their first two years: Australia’s pollution is down; economic growth is up; unemployment and inflation remains under control; and solar and wind energy has soared.

The carbon laws have worked with the Renewable Energy Target (RET) and economic changes to achieve these results.

The Government intends to repeal the carbon laws, aiming to replace them with still uncertain policies that shift the burden of pollution reduction from big polluters to taxpayers, threaten the RET, and may or may not place limits on our biggest polluters.

No independent assessment to date supports the ability of these policies to achieve 2020 pollution reduction targets of at least 5 per cent below 2000 levels. By contrast, the default mechanisms in the carbon laws will achieve at least 15 per cent reductions. Australia continues to have international commitments of 5 to 25 per cent reductions – a pre-election promise of the Government.  
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