Submission to the Australian Governments 2017 Review of Climate Change Policies Submission

May 09, 2017 - 3:38pm

The context for national climate change policy is changing fast, and approaches that seemed ambitious ten years ago are revealed as inadequate today.

To ensure that policy made today remains useful in future decades, decision-makers need to acknowledge the following developments and build their policies to be resilient to the strengthening of these trends:
+ The private sector is facing growing pressure to do more
+ Clean technologies are upending markets.
+ The Paris Agreement requires countries to increase their contribution to the Agreement’s objectives
+ Australia is already experiencing climate change and is highly exposed to the damaging effects of further global warming, and
+ People want climate action that improves their lives.

We suggest that there are five elements of an effective national climate change strategy
1. A national target for net zero emissions by 2050
2. Faster decarbonisation of the electricity sector to drive decarbonisation of the economy.
3. Forward planning and ongoing management of the social and sectoral impacts of economic decarbonisation
4. Pragmatic policy combinations to guide decision-making
5. Incorporate adaptation to climate change into government decision-making frameworks.

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