Sport & Climate Impacts: How much heat can sport handle? Report

Jan 31, 2015 - 12:01am

Climate change and extreme weather events threaten the viability of much of Australian sport as it’s currently played, either in the back yard, at local grounds, or in professional tournaments. Football, cricket, tennis and more are struggling to adapt to, or prepare for, the impacts of climate change.

With more extreme heat, changes in rainfall and more intense storms, there are questions about just how far we can push players in elite and local sport. Questions also grow about whether the way some of our sport is played, or watched, is safe or sustainable.

Elite venues are improving resilience but local clubs and facilities, the lifeblood of Australian sport, are struggling. As the days over 35C multiply, heat policies will be a matter of life or death as well as industrial relations. Sports may need to learn from policies evolving in outdoor industries.

Download the report below. To access all the other related content including infographics, supporting statements from athletes and sports administrators, and detailed Q&As, visit the Sport & Climate Impacts project page here.

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