Global Climate Leadership Review 2013 Report

Mar 26, 2013 - 3:43pm

Global Climate Leadership Review 2013 puts Australian climate policy in the context of ongoing international action to address climate change. 

It examines international action across several strands: it identifies which nations are leading the transition to a low-carbon economy; the dynamics and outcomes of intergovernmental climate negotiations; and the implications of all of these for Australia.

The report contains an update on The Climate Institute/GE Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index (LCCI). Australia has staged a fragile reversal in its previously declining low-carbon competitiveness, it finds. But it's Asia, especially China, that has taken centre stage in preparedness for the low-carbon economy. 

Download the report below. To access all other related content including videos, factsheets, and the interactive Low-Carbon Competitiveness Index visit the project page here.

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