Global Climate Action - March Update and Implications for Australia Research Brief

Mar 10, 2015 - 4:00pm

In the lead-up to the Paris climate talks in December, countries are continuing to advance their domestic climate and clean energy efforts, and developing their post-2020 emission reduction targets.

All countries have agreed to share their initial targets with the international community well ahead of Paris. February saw indicative post-2020 emission reduction commitments from Switzerland and Norway, and the EU confirmed its target in early March. The UK and Germany already had existing post-2020 goals.

These are initial negotiating offers that shape expectations ahead of Paris. Stronger commitments may be made in the Paris negotiations but final targets are unlikely to be attached to the new agreement before mid-2016.

Australia has announced its own target-setting process and will decide on its target by mid-year. As a country that is not just highly exposed to the impacts of climate change but also faces a substantial long-term emission reduction task, Australia’s national interest is best served by setting itself an ambitious target consistent with the global goal of limiting global warming to less than 2°C. A weaker target reduces our influence on other countries, delays necessary economic adjustments and imposes higher costs in future.

Download the Research Brief below to learn the latest global developments and compare emerging country targets.

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