Foundations for Australia's transition to a low carbon economy Policy Brief

May 07, 2011 - 6:12pm

Over the coming months Australia’s political leaders have an opportunity to lay the policy foundations for a prosperous, fair and competitive low pollution economy. These policies should aim to:

  • reduce our economy’s dependence on pollution
  • ensure fair and inclusive action on climate change
  • unlock new clean energy jobs and industries
  • strengthen global action.

The SCCC supports the efforts of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee to put a price-tag on pollution. With a strong and rising pollution price Australia can reduce emissions and remain competitive in the emerging global low pollution economy.

However, a price alone will not get the job done. A price on pollution will need to be supported by a set of complementary measures to ensure cost effective outcomes, develop clean industries and support households, workers and communities in the transition to a low pollution economy.

In this paper we present a policy platform for a low pollution economy. This includes our recommendations for a fair and effective price on pollution, along with priority complementary measures. 

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