ENGO Network - Perspectives on CCS Discussion Paper

Dec 04, 2012 - 11:31am

Created in 2011, the ENGO Network on carbon capture and storage (CCS) comprises organisations coming together around the safe and effective deployment of CCS as a timely mitigation tool for combating climate change. Because urgent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed to prevent dangerous climate change, a variety of innovative solutions is necessary. 

Given the world’s current and projected reliance on fossil fuels, CCS should be considered a critical mitigation technology that will provide faster and deeper emission reductions. The mission of the International ENGO Network on CCS is to pursue domestic and international policies, regulations and initiatives that enable CCS to deliver on its emissions reduction potential safely and effectively.

The Network member organisations include: Clean Air Task Force, E3G,Natural Resources Defense Council, The Climate Institute, The Pembina Institute, World Resources Institute and Zero Emission Resource Organisation.

This paper is the Network's first and lays out its perspectives on the future and potential role of the technology in mitigating climate change. 

To access the media release click here.
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