Defining Australia's New Kyoto Target Research Brief

Nov 23, 2012 - 11:08am

The Government’s decision to give in-principle support for a new international obligation under the Kyoto Protocol will help bolster international efforts to secure a new legally binding agreement to cover all major emitters by 2015. A second round of targets under Kyoto is a critical lever to achieving a new legally binding agreement that covers all major emitters. 

Building on this positive announcement at the next UN climate summit that starts in Doha next week, Australia needs to:

  • Include the full bipartisan-supported 2020 target range in the Kyoto Protocol; and
  • Define a credible, flexible and interim QELRO Kyoto 2 commitment that takes advantage of the “Kyoto Bonus” from rule changes and over-achievement of generous first target. 
For full details, download the Research Brief here.
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