Climate of the Nation: Australian attitudes on climate change Report

Aug 10, 2015 - 12:01am

Since 2007, The Climate Institute has produced Climate of the Nation research capturing the nation's pulse on attitudes to climate change. This year's results show an increasing awareness and concern about the impacts of climate change and the country’s future energy mix amid the intensifying political debate.

More Australians trust the science that says climate change is caused by human activities.

The findings provide a critical opportunity for the Abbott government to better reflect public sentiment on climate change in its upcoming announcement on Australia’s post-2020 carbon pollution reduction target. More think that "the Abbott government should take climate change more seriously” and there is a strong expectation for government to regulate carbon pollution, move to phase out aging coal power stations, and invest in renewable energy.

Download the report below. To access all the other related content including infographics, factsheets, and presentations, visit the Climate of the Nation 2015 project page here.
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