Climate of the Nation 2014: Are Australians climate dinosaurs? Report

Jun 23, 2014 - 11:00am

Are Australians climate dinosaurs? Climate of the Nation 2014, benchmarking Australian attitudes to climate change, finds that political leaders risk being stuck in the past as public attitudes on climate change and its solutions are on the rebound.

In mid-2014, more Australians think that climate change is occurring and are concerned about impacts, present and future. There is a rebound in desire to see the nation lead on finding solutions and a strong expectation of government to address the climate challenge.

Opposition to carbon pricing has continued to decline and there is a decline in the minority supporting repeal. For the first time more support carbon pricing than oppose it, even though there is lingering confusion around it.

Download the report below. To access all the other related content including video vox pops, infographics, factsheets, and presentations, visit the Climate of the Nation 2014 project page here.
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