Clean Energy Jobs in Regional Australia Infographic

Mar 01, 2011 - 10:31am

Ground-breaking research by The Climate Institute demonstrates not only potential regional clean energy resources available from carbon pollution pricing and clean energy policies, but outlines pathways for regions to maximise employment and investment opportunities.

Australia has largely untapped energy resources in geothermal, large scale solar, bio-energy, hydro, wind and natural gas. Modelling from SKM-MMA shows that by 2030 close to 43 per cent of Australia’s electricity could be produced from clean energy, up from around 12 per cent today.  Regional analysis shows that greater proportions of renewable electricity are attainable with extra policies and focus.

The Climate Institute has launched a series of policy briefs, state and regional snapshots and roadmaps as well as an interactive, purpose-built portal for displaying the study's findings.  The reports and website present and summarise research from Australia’s leading energy consultants SKM-MMA and industry experts at Ernst and Young.*

Note that the map contains only state and regional-level reports. Navigate to the state or region  you wish to access and click on the View/Download Report tabs on the left of the map. A national level summary can be found below. 

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