Our role is more important than ever: The Climate Institute Chairman Statement

Sep 23, 2013 - 10:43am

This is a statement issued on 23 September, 2013, by The Climate Institute Chairman Mark Wootton.  

The closing down of the Climate Commission makes the efforts of all climate concerned individuals, scientists and organisations more important than ever. The Climate Commission provided valuable additional information to all Australians and its closure is regrettable. 

These unfortunate events can, however, spur the efforts of the others communicating the science, examining the economics and highlighting the risky, costly and increasing climate impacts and extreme weather events. 

The Climate Institute will be expanding its independent, non-partisan and solutions focused efforts in the critical months and years ahead. Today, for example, we released our communications tools explaining the implications of the latest IPCC report on Australia, including easy to understand graphics and videos explaining the science and likely climate impacts. 

Our role as a translator of complex issues has been an important part of The Climate Institute’s broader work which has, since 2005, been independent, non-partisan and solutions focused. Our vision is "for a resilient Australia prospering in a zero carbon global economy while participating fully and fairly in international climate change solutions".

The Institute will continue our research and communication of the latest scientific and economic developments as well as our analysis and promotion of climate solutions in terms of public policy, investment management and international diplomacy. 

The closure of the Climate Commission, whilst regrettable, also serves as a timely reminder of the importance of our independence and non-partisan nature. We will continue to make the most of these assets as we face the challenging road ahead.

Mark Wootton

Mark Wootton (chair) is the Principal and Manager of Jigsaw Farms, a family farm enterprise north of Hamilton, Victoria, covering 16,500 acres. Jigsaw Farms is a beef and sheep farm with large tracts of biodiversity  plantings, wetlands and agroforestry. Mark holds a Diploma of Agriculture, a Graduate Diploma of Education and  a Geography Degree from Monash University.

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