We have sent our National Agenda to every member of federal parliament today Statement

Sep 12, 2016 - 4:36pm

Today we have ensured that our National Agenda for Climate Action is in front of the people who run our country.

Australia will be reviewing its climate policies in 2017 and has also committed internationally to consider post-2030 emissions reductions targets at this time. It will do so as other nations step up their activities in line with their commitments under the Paris climate agreement, but also as the global investor community is increasingly attentive to climate change risks and opportunities.

The government has noted that the Paris climate agreement is in Australia’s national interest. Mainstream business, investor, welfare and union groups have noted the economic, social and environmental costs of unconstrained climate change and recognised the need for a transition to net zero emissions while building a prosperous economy.

It is important that Australia has fair and inclusive strategies for this transition. We also cannot ignore the fundamentals that achieving internationally agreed goals to limit warming require Australia and other countries to have a limited budget of heat trapping carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions they can emit. The global and national trends towards clean energy are also now unstoppable.

This National Agenda lists three overarching priorities:

1. Set a credible emissions reduction pathway to zero net emissions before 2050;
2. Ensure investor, business and community confidence in clean energy, and;
3. Integrate climate costs and opportunities into mainstream decision making.

The Climate Institute has produced extensive independent research and analysis in these areas which can be found at at our National Agenda page.
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