Vital and smart investment in Australian clean energy solutions Media Release

May 12, 2009 - 1:20pm

The independent Climate Institute today welcomed the Government’s multi-billion dollar Clean Energy Initiative as a vital and smart investment boost to clean energy jobs, industries and communities. 

“The multi-billion dollar Clean Energy Initiative, with existing funds and commitments, adds up to a smart cost and risk effective investment strategy in solar, wind, geothermal and potentially significantly reducing pollution from coal,” said John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute.

“It’s vital we aim to hit 2020 with a mix of industrial scale clean energy options so we know which technology works best, or at all, as we shift to near zero emission, and better, supplies of energy.”

“This is a smart and strategic investment in Australia’s comparative advantages of bountiful sun and resource industry research, skills and technologies.

 “The funding for large scale solar will not only capture the power of the sun but capture the power of Australian innovation to help create clean energy jobs and industries for the nation.

“While recognising the creation of the Australian Carbon Trust, it is disappointing that the Government has not provided significant additional incentives to drive investment in retrofitting commercial buildings to reduce energy bills and create tens of thousands of jobs in the construction industry.

 “This is a key omission which should be addressed when COAG finalises the National Energy Efficiency Strategy in the middle of the year.”

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