Treasury sets scene for strong 2020 targets Media Release

Jun 24, 2012 - 9:50pm

Commonwealth Treasury modelling released today has paved the way for the Federal Government to adopt scientifically and internationally credible 2020 pollution reduction targets, the independent Climate Institute said.

Treasury modelling shows that Australia can address dangerous climate change while experiencing continued economic growth and rises in incomes,” said Erwin Jackson, The Climate Institute’s Director Policy and Research.

"Treasury has set the scene for the Government to adopt strong, credible 2020 pollution reduction targets and position Australia to tap into the emerging trillion dollar low-carbon global economy.

“Decisive carbon pollution reduction targets of at least 25% reduction off 1990 levels by 2020 will not only make Australia’s economy competitive in the 21st Century but would enable us to play a leadership role in delivering a global agreement to reduce global emissions which is very much in our national interest.”

The modelling also shows that the average Australian will be $4,300 better off by 2020 even while reducing our carbon pollution by 25 per cent (off 2000 levels) over the same timeframe.

“Treasury modelling has now discredited the irresponsible claims by some of the big polluters, undermining suggestions that early, strong action should be delayed,” Mr Jackson said.

“The door has been pushed wide open now for government to deliver decisive pollution reduction targets in its December White Paper that will drive multi-billion dollar investments in Australia creating new jobs and positioning Australia to play a positive role at international climate talks.

“Australia has spent 15 years dithering about action on climate change and there is now no time left for so-called ‘soft starts’ or further delays.”

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