The Climate Institute reaction to the Australian Accord submission Media Release

Jan 28, 2010 - 8:00am

This afternoon’s announcement from Minister Wong regarding Australia’s emissions target submission to the Copenhagen Accord represents a missed opportunity to acknowledge that global ambition has increased significantly since May last year when the 5-25% target range was first announced. 

While we welcome the Government’s move to keep the 25% target on the table, the introduction of new conditions for moving beyond 5% is disappointing. 

The Government has pledged to do no more and no less than other countries. Given the pledges already on the table from the world’s largest emitters, including Australia’s largest trading partners, a 5% target is nothing less than free riding. 

Professor Garnaut has done the numbers and believes the conditions are right for Australia to adopt an 18% target. The Climate Institute’s own analysis suggests that conditions previously set for the 15% target are likely to be met. 

In recent months we’ve seen Japan, China, South Korea and India – which account for close to half of Australia’s total exports, and 74% of total export growth since 2006 – announce bold targets and plans to transform their economies. 

Sticking to a 5% target is low balling Australia’s ambition and risks marooning Australia’s economy as one of the highest polluting and inefficient economies, whilst others, including competing economies in Asia, are stepping up their investments.
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