The Australian Climate Roundtable welcomes Australia’s ratification of the Paris Agreement today Media Release

Nov 10, 2016 - 4:06pm

This is a joint statement by the following organisations: The Climate Institute, Australian Aluminium Council, Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Council of Social Service, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Australian Industry Group, Business Council of Australia, Energy Supply Association of Australia, Investor Group on Climate Change and WWF Australia.

The many sectors of Australia’s economy and society represented by the Australian Climate Roundtable need a climate and energy policy framework that has broad support across the political spectrum and is both scalable and durable.

Ratification of the Paris Agreement supports these shared objectives by demonstrating Australia’s clear commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over time. The principles and articles of the Agreement can also help ensure that this is done in a way that is fair and does not place unnecessary burdens on business or disadvantage vulnerable workers, households and communities.

The most serious and immediate barrier to Australia’s successful transition is not the technical or economic challenges involved, substantial though they are. It is the absence of broad political agreement on a scalable approach to climate and energy policy. The required reductions in Australia’s emissions will require major private investment in long-lived assets. Such investment simply will not take place unless it is underpinned by a credible domestic policy framework that investors expect to last through multiple election cycles.

We look forward to working with Government and Opposition to implement the policies to achieve any short-term and long-term commitments under the the Paris Agreement 

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