Sports team up for environment Media Release

Jun 12, 2015 - 11:24am

The Climate Institute welcomes the launch of the Sports Environment Alliance (SEA), a new not-for-profit, membership based organisation focused on urging sport to take action and provide leadership in the environmental arena.

“This is an impressive alliance with some heavy hitters from the sporting world all come together to lend their considerable weight to real action to protect our environment for every Australian,” said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.

“Climate change and extreme weather events threaten the viability of much of Australian sport as it’s currently played, either in the backyard, at local grounds, or in professional tournaments, as we found in a report earlier this year.”

“The Climate Institute is very pleased that organisations like SEA are being created, opening the pathways for groups, clubs and leagues to work together on environment and sustainability issues. It is particularly good to see that some of the sporting associations we reviewed in our report earlier this year are taking action through SEA, with inaugural membership from Tennis Australia, Cricket Australia and the AFL."

The Climate Institute’s Sport and Climate Impacts report found that many sports are struggling to adapt to, or prepare for, the impacts of climate change.

“Climate change is putting our weather on steroids. With greater warming, more extreme heat, changes in rainfall and more intense storms, there are questions about just how far we can push players in elite and local sport,” added Connor.

Heat, flood, drought and rising seas will increasingly affect sports facilities and events across the country. Questions also grow about whether the way some of our sport is played, or watched, is sustainable,” added Connor.

”I look forward to SEA boosting the work of sports administrators and participants in building greater climate resilience while reducing environmental impacts. Their work on the ground and helping tackle broader policy issues will be greatly appreciated.”

Andrew Demetriou, former head of the AFL and board member of The Climate Institute spoke at the SEA launch event.

He said: “Like other areas of our society and economy, we can’t afford to sit on the sidelines on this issue. There are key challenges ahead and now is the time to be developing a sustainable blueprint that addresses and offers a pathway to a sustainable low-carbon future.”


The Climate Institute CEO John Connor with Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) Executive Director Sheila Nguyen and representatives from SEA's foundation members.

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