Small steps forward but far short of credible plan Media Release

Jul 23, 2010 - 12:30pm

The policy detail in today’s Government climate announcement provides small steps forward but remain far short of what’s needed for a credible plan on pollution and climate change, The Climate Institute said today.

“They have delivered only small steps forward toward a credible pollution and climate policy when large strides are needed,” said The Climate Institute CEO John Connor.

“We’ll need to tell the citizens in the proposed Assembly what we’ve been telling citizens and companies for the last two and a half years and what we are telling citizens at this jury called a federal election, what is needed is a credible plan on pollution and climate change.

“A credible plan needs to have a limit and price tag on pollution, needs to make polluters take responsibility for pollution and have investments and incentives to make clean energy cheaper.”

“A credible plan needs to demonstrate how parties can achieve their international commitments to achieve up to 25 % reductions off 2000 levels of pollution by 2020.

“Today’s announcement has welcome repeated support of the need for a limit and price on pollution but gives no guarantees for either.  There is some encouragement for businesses taking responsibility for their pollution and some extra funding to make clean energy cheaper but we still rate the Government policy at 1 star out of five.

“Preliminary analysis of the pollution reduction potential of the policy announcements under our Pollute-o-meter sees very little change pre-2020 with current Government policies still witnessing increased pollution levels by 2020.

“The Climate Institute welcomes the re-commitment to the pollution reduction targets and the clarification that bi-partisan support is not needed for initial progress but we look forward to the promised extra detail on climate policy before the end of the campaign.”

“We welcome the investment in clean energy and smart grids which is a good down payment but short of what is needed to make strides forward in making clean energy cheaper.

“We also call on the Coalition for better policies, it achieves just half a star out of five and will also see pollution increasing out to 2020.”

For further information:
John Connor | CEO, The Climate Institute |  0413 968 475.
Harriet Binet | Communications, The Climate Institute |  (02) 8239 6299 or  0402 588 384
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