Skeptics out in the cold as majority back action on CPRS Media Release

Aug 10, 2009 - 10:00pm

Only a tiny band of skeptics support no action by Parliament on climate change while more than three quarters of Australians want the Liberals to back the CPRS legislation, a poll conducted for the independent Climate Institute shows.

In recognition of this public frustration, labour, welfare, environment and research groups came together to launch a National Clean Energy Jobs Campaign at the weekend. The multi-media and grassroots campaign is supported by The Climate Institute, ACTU, Australian Council of Social Service, Australian Conservation Foundation and the WWF.

"It’s a serious but cheeky campaign calling on "dinosaurs" in Parliament and in business to ‘evolve’ by showing leadership on climate action to grow hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs as well as building a clean energy economy in which we can all be employed," Mr Connor said.

"Our groups are calling on politicians to strengthen and pass the CPRS and renewable energy legislation now before Parliament and to take further action in areas like energy efficiency and providing dependable financing for clean technology solutions in Australia and in developing countries."

"Australians are losing patience with their politicians on climate change and the support for Liberals backing the CPRS legislation remains very solid at 78 per cent, up one point from May," said The Climate Institute CEO John Connor.

The Auspoll survey conducted last week* showed that 48 per cent of voters believed the Federal Parliament was "moving too slowly" on addressing climate change with frustration at the slow pace of progress highest among women, 52%, and 18-24 years, 60%.

Just 13% of people thought the Parliament was moving too fast on climate change with a minority of climate sceptics, 7%, in favour of doing nothing.

On the issue of an emissions trading scheme, more than three quarters, or 78%, think the Liberal party should support the government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, up a percentage point from May this year.

Again, younger voters and women are more strongly in favour of passing the legislation. Eighty-five per cent of voters in the 25 – 34 year age group and the same percentage, 85%, of female voters believe the Liberal party should support the legislation.

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