Productivity Commission Review of polluter assistance should get underway Media Release

Apr 22, 2010 - 10:30am

The Climate Institute welcomes today’s Grattan Institute report highlighting the costs associated with proposed allocations for many emissions intensive export industries.

With the international agreement reached in the Copenhagen Accord, The Climate Institute urged the Productivity Commission to fast track its analysis of the proposed assistance levels.

“This report highlights the importance of mechanisms and commitments in the May and November legislative packages that provide for independent reviews of assistance and to enable redirection of permit revenues towards driving innovation in clean energy industries here and overseas,” said John Connor, CEO, The Climate Institute.

“The Government recognised the need to conduct such a review immediately after an international agreement in its November amendments and, with the Copenhagen Accord, we look forward to details soon on how the Productivity Commission will be embarking on this role.”

The Climate Institute conducted research in 2008 and 2009 on assistance to emissions intensive trade exposed industries as well as energy affordability and came to similar conclusions to the Grattan Institute.

“We welcome and agree with the comments of Grattan Institute CEO that:

 “Concerns that a carbon price will devastate industry and households are misplaced and exaggerated. They are no basis for delaying adapting the Australian economy to its carbon constrained future.”

The Climate Institute calls on all political parties and Senators to get on with the task of reform to make large companies take responsibility for their pollution and encourage investment in clean technologies and climate solutions.
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