Pollution pricing study welcome Media Release

Nov 15, 2010 - 11:00am

The Climate Institute welcomes the Government’s announcement today that the Productivity Commission will look at effective pollution pricing of Australia’s key trading partners.

It follows pioneering research commissioned by The Climate Institute in October that found Australia’s major trading partners have higher direct and indirect pollution pricing in their electricity sectors in order to drive cleaner energy investments.

Erwin Jackson, The Climate Institute’s Deputy CEO said the research, done by Vivid Economics, showed that Australia was lagging well behind its key trading partners on pollution pricing.

“There is absolutely no danger of Australia leading on pollution pricing – we have already been overtaken by competitors including the UK, China and the USA.

“The UK is reaping the benefits of its policies to price pollution, in addition to its participation in the European Emissions Trading Scheme, and has an equivalent price tag around 17 times that of Australia’s. 

“China’s policies to meet its targets and dominate the global clean energy race imply a price tag on pollution over eight times higher than that of Australia’s. In 2009, clean energy investment in China reached US$35 billion compared with US$18 billion in the USA and less than $US1 billion in Australia.”

A copy of the report , interactive media release and infographic can be downloaded here.

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Harriet Binet | Communications Director | 02 8239 6299 or 0402 588 384, hbinet@climateinstitute.org.au

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