Opposition budget reply takes climate low road Media Release

May 16, 2008 - 3:27am

The independent Climate Institute has expressed extreme disappointment with the Opposition’s Budget reply.

“Unfortunately the Opposition’s approach to climate change, as outlined in Dr Nelson’s budget reply, is a lurch back to the rhetoric of the Howard era,” John Connor, the CEO of The Climate Institute said.

“The proposal to cut petrol excise takes a low road on the reforms needed to unlock the opportunities of a clean energy future for Australia.

“There were no serious climate policies or energy reforms to accelerate clean energy or improve energy efficiency and affordability.

“Instead Australians heard an echo of an era they have elected to leave behind.- the only other reference to climate change in the reply speech was a recipe for inaction:

"Australia alone can not solve climate change, but we can do enormous environmental and economic damage to our children’s future if we get this wrong’

“This was not the Coalition that late last year boldly moved on from a decade of inaction by backing the ratification of Kyoto and supporting guidance on strong targets for greenhouse pollution reduction in Bali.

“Strong targets will deliver strong dividends that can really tackle energy affordability for families and business.

“We can not excise ourselves from the 21 century reality which lies in clean energy and energy efficiency and affordability.

“We need all political parties, whether in Government or Opposition, to be playing their part in the climate change challenge. The Climate Institute looks forward to Coalition rejoining this challenge in the near future,” Mr Connor said.

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