October global climate action update released Media Update

Oct 07, 2015 - 11:00am

In the last month more than 80 countries submitted their  initial emission reduction commitments to the UN, bringing t he total number of nations with  post-2020 targets to 147. This means that over 85 per c ent of global emissions are now covered by post-2020  targets.

The major emerging economies Brazil, India and South  Africa – otherwise known as the BASIC bloc – were  among those who submitted targets last month. These  submissions, as well as recent policy announcements  from China, are the focus of The Climate Institute's October update of global climate action, accessible in full below. 

With most major emitters and economies now having  initial offers of the action they will take after 2020 to limit  emissions, focus will shift to the elements of the Paris  agreement that ensure stronger action through time.  Some analysis indicates that if the new targets are  achieved, the world will be on a path to closing the gap  between current projections and the agreed goal to limit  global warming to less than 2°C.

Leading European  groups suggest that these commitments would limit  global warming to about 2.7°C – still a catastrophic  warming but far better than the 4°C projections.  Others show warming in the  order of 3°C.

The  Paris agreement can facilitate ratcheting up action q uickly by ensuring that:

+ country targets are updated every five years;

+ country commitments and actions are transparent  internationally, and;

+ the world's poorest nations are helped to participate in climate change solutions.

Please scroll down to download and read the full update. 


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