Nine year old Jack takes to the Climate Change hustings with $2.5m ad campaign Media Release

Sep 07, 2007 - 5:09am

The independent Climate Institute will today launch a $2.5 million campaign, tackling climate change through the eyes of an intuitive nine-year old. It will be the biggest advertising campaign ever by an Australian climate or environment non-government organisation.
Titled, “Change Climate Change” the campaign is designed to motivate people to speak up about their concerns about climate change and to encourage them to consider climate change policy when it comes to election day. If media reports are correct it will begin at a similar time to the Federal Government’s $23 million climate change campaign.

Central to the campaign is a fictional character, ‘Jack Simmons’ who performs all the clichéd campaigning activities you’d expect from a politician – except he’s nine years old and because he can’t vote for his future, he’s asking you to do it for him.
“Younger generations are often forgotten in the debate on climate change and it’s kids like Jack who will be most affected if we don’t have the right leadership and solutions on climate change. John Connor, the CEO of The Climate Institute said.

“Effective measures to combat climate change should be a priority for every voter, but it’s even more crucial for our children who can’t vote.

“We expect this year to be a turning point for climate change policy in Australia.  With heightened public concern and the debate shifting to solutions, we’re working to ensure that new measures see Australia switch to a clean energy economy,” said Mr Connor.

The “Change Climate Change” campaign will run up until the end of 2007 Federal Election across TV, online, press and radio, focussing on three key policy areas:

  • Reversing Australia’s rising greenhouse pollution in the next five years
  • Ensure all new power is generated from clean energy (e.g. solar, wind)
  • Join the world’s only international agreement to cut greenhouse pollution by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol and agreeing to binding reduction targets

The campaign will conclude with an assessment of the major party’s climate policies against the above policy areas.

People can access more information on the campaign by visiting and register their details to receive the latest news on climate change, climate research and how they can make their vote count for Jack Simmons and his generation.
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