More ambitious target needed for clean energy economy Media Release

Sep 24, 2007 - 7:25am

The Prime Minister’s announcement on a national Clean Energy Target is a step in the right direction but unless the target is increased it will not see substantial additional investment in clean energy above what would have happened anyway, the Climate Institute said today.

“The Climate Institute welcomes the Government’s commitment to a modest national Clean Energy Target,” said Chief Executive of the Climate Institute, John Connor. “However, the detail suggests that the target simply ties together existing and planned clean energy targets so it is unlikely that it will drive substantial additional clean energy investment above what may have happened anyway.”

“As part of national plan to cost effectively reverse rising greenhouse pollution levels we need a national clean energy target that ensures all new electricity load is meet by clean energy sources.”

“The world is currently involved in a clean energy boom with 20% of investment in the power generation sector last year going to clean technologies such as wind and solar. Some European countries and developing countries such as China are setting targets that will double their clean energy generation. The Government target is a modest at best and a stand still target at worst.”

“As we head into a federal election the Australian community can now judge where the Government currently stands on clean energy. It is important that the ALP also come clean on their energy policy and clearly state what their commitment will be to move Australia into the 21st century clean energy economy.”

The Climate Institute is urging all political parties to commit to reversing our rising greenhouse pollution within five years, ensuring all new electricity comes from clean energy and joining the rest of the world in building on the Kyoto framework to reduce greenhouse pollution.

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