Green stimulus needs link to stronger targets Media Release

Feb 03, 2009 - 8:21pm

  The Government’s green stimulus package released today is welcomed as a solid platform for stronger action on climate change and a stronger economy, the Climate Institute said.

“The green stimulus package is a very welcome first down payment on creating jobs and investment in a leaner, cleaner and greener economy but will need to be backed up with additional measures and stronger carbon pollution reduction targets to be really looking after our long-term national interest,” Climate Institute CEO John Connor said.

“There’s no question that insulation and solar hot water are at the top of the list in improving the energy wastage and carbon pollution from our homes, with 40 per cent of Australian homes lacking insulation and electrical hot water systems from coal fired power amongst the biggest source of household carbon pollution.”

The green stimulus announced today, while welcomed, can be part of a broader agenda that strengthens our economy and strengthens our hand in international negotiations including:

·         Support for households, particularly low income households, to reduce energy wastage

·         Improved standards and disclosure of information for domestic and commercial appliances and buildings

·         Incentives and support for improved energy productivity in the commercial and industrial sectors

·         Much greater investment in public transport

·         Upgrading outdated power transmission networks to enable greater renewable energy generation and other efficiency options

·         Ensure homes and facilities built as a result of other stimulus measures meet the highest standards of energy efficiency and water usage

“This Government has a clear electoral mandate for decisive action on climate change and last year fell short of an economic and diplomatic package that reflected their own standards of the national interest,” Mr Connor said.

“By looking at ways to move Australia closer to required emissions reductions of at least 25 per cent by 2020, as part of a strong global agreement, the Government can reconnect with Australians concerned about climate change – such as the 2,500 that surround Parliament today – and to play a positive role in a global agreement.

“We’ve seen the climate crisis converge with the economic crisis. Both need addressing simultaneously, and with complementary actions from the Government we can plan for the economic pick-up, and for the planet.

“We look forward to the Government building on this green stimulus  with further investment in cleaning up our homes and the broader economy – as well as strengthening our inadequate carbon pollution reduction targets so we can be a positive player towards an effective global deal. “

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