Government and opposition must come clean on greenhouse plans Media Release

Jun 18, 2007 - 7:05am

The welcome announcements by the Prime Minister today about an emissions trading scheme must be backed with clear targets and policies to switch Australia to clean energy says the Climate Institute.

“The commitment from both major parties to emissions trading is an important step forward in tackling rising greenhouse pollution levels. However, the devil is in the detail.” says Climate Institute’s Policy and Research Director, Erwin Jackson. “As part of a global effort, a credible and cost effective response to climate change requires turning Australian greenhouse pollution around within five years and ensuring all new electricity comes from clean energy.”

“As yet neither the Government nor the Opposition have articulated a clear plan to move Australia into the 21st century clean energy economy.”

“Today the Prime Minister avoided stating what the short-term cap to reduce emissions would be and hasn’t put in place measures to ensure all new electricity comes from clean energy. The Opposition Leader also hasn’t announced a short term target and, as yet, hasn’t committed to a substantial clean energy target.” “Fine words and future promises don’t make a credible climate change response or give businesses the certainty they need to make the billions of dollars of investment in clean energy necessary.”

“Today’s announcement by the Government to support solar hot water and similar announcements by the Opposition are welcome. An effective climate change strategy must build on these initiatives with credible targets to foster a multi billion dollar Australian clean energy industry.”

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