Government and business needed for carbon competitiveness Media Release

Feb 23, 2010 - 3:30pm

“It appears the scheme has been overloaded by demand.  This highlights public thirst for action on climate change but also shows the inherent challenges of implementing large Government administered programs,” said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.

“Both the Green Loans and Insulation scheme have had significant administrative problems that warrant review as does the relevant employers performance of their duties to provide a safe workplace.   

“History tells us that it’s more efficient for the market to drive economy-wide change and for reducing emissions the least cost option is one which both limits and prices pollution, as an emissions trading scheme does.

“Discreet Government-run programs are needed both in advance of and alongside of mechanisms that limit and price pollution,  but cleaning up our homes, businesses and economy to be competitive in the emerging global clean energy economy also requires more than a grab bag of ‘direct actions’. 

“The strong demand from households for efficient measures shows the hunger for action on climate change and any steps to reduce the ability of households to take action are regrettable.

“The Australian economy is well behind other countries performance in improving energy efficiency and it is time for a coordinated and coherent effort to address all these sectors.”

“When the green stimulus was announced The Climate Institute said it needed to be part of a much broader agenda of action, this remains the case,” concluded Mr Connor.
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