Global map spotlights countries' climate action Media Release

Dec 05, 2014 - 9:44am

Struggling to keep up with what various countries are doing on climate change and clean energy? Apart from in Australia, there is growing action aplenty. To help, The Climate Institute today launched a revamped Global Climate Action Map, an interactive online tool that highlights countries’ key climate policy developments.

“This map very clearly shows that there is significant action on climate change and clean energy policies around the world,” said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.

“When we first created this tool two years ago, we focused on one area – general climate ambition. Today there is momentum across such a range of areas that it’s impossible to capture all the action in one place so we’ve created six maps, one for each key policy area.”

“From China and the US, to Mexico and South Africa, Brazil and Indonesia, we’re seeing progress in long-term emission targets, clean energy development and carbon pricing, and regulations to limit emissions from major polluting sources like vehicles and power plants.”

“In sad contrast, our updated map shows an Australia with weaker policies than when the tool was born two years ago." 

Recent  analysis  by The Climate Institute found that countries representing over 80 per cent of global emissions are implementing policies to meet pollution targets and drive investment in clean energy and low carbon solutions. It also found that domestic actions are a critical contribution to the international process, as they both make practical progress on emissions reduction but also signal a country’s ambition, commitment and expertise to the international community.

While representatives are gathered in Lima, Peru, to work on building a global framework for ongoing climate action, visitors to the Global Climate Action Map can see what each country is doing in the following key policy areas:

  • Overall emission reduction targets
  • Renewable energy targets and policies
  • Carbon pricing through taxation or trading
  • Emission limits on power and vehicles
  • Energy efficiency targets and policies
  • Food and farming policies

The Global Climate Action Map will be updated monthly. It is easy to share and all the data behind it can be downloaded to recreate by media or other interested parties.

A new feature on the map is a timeline of climate-related announcements, which will go live next week. This will note developments in these six areas as well as in areas such as climate finance—financing to help developing countries reduce emissions and manage the impacts of climate change—and steps to manage climate risks in the finance sector.

“The pace and scope and climate action continues to intensify, with a number of significant announcements just in the past month, such as the G20 statement on the need to address climate change within the global economic growth agenda, and EU's climate and energy package, the historic US-China post 2020 emissions reduction agreement, and Germany's actions to limit coal emissions," concluded Connor. 

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