Garnaut shows shrewd pragmatism in approach to pollution pricing Media Release

Mar 18, 2011 - 1:00am

The Climate Institute said Professor Garnaut had shown shrewd pragmatism in his proposed approach to pollution pricing released today.

However, The Climate Institute warned that without additional regulations higher pollution prices would be needed to ensure Australia maximises the use of its world leading clean energy sources.

"Professor Garnaut's proposals for pollution pricing to unlock clean energy investment in Australia are practical and politically pragmatic," The Climate Institute's CEO John Connor said. 

"The initial pollution pricing proposed would start to reduce our economic dependence on pollution but without faster price escalators it would be insufficient to peak pollution levels or maximise the Australian investment in our abundant clean energy resources."

"Making business responsible for the pollution they cause is central to ensuring Australia joins other nations who are gaining first mover economic benefits from developing new clean energy industries. 

“However, pollution prices of only $20-30/tonne that increase slowly would need to be backed up with strong regulatory measures to encourage more efficient use of energy in the homes, industries, transport choices and to ensure we don't lock in investments in highly polluting traditional coal fired power stations."

For more information:
John Connor | CEO, The Climate Institute |  02 8239 6299

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